Telltale’s Batman and The Walking Dead Season Three have received release windows via Head of Creative Communications Job Stauffer. They will be releasing this summer and fall, respectfully. In a subsequent post, Stauffer also teased an appearance of Telltale’s iteration of the Dark Knight at this year’s E3, telling press to secure an invite to “Wayne Manor.” This could mean many things, but it could be a hint that Telltale is planning to show off their Batman title in one form or another. While Telltale has acquired many major franchises over the past few years, Batman is probably their largest property yet, and all eyes will be on the company once the first episode of their Dark Knight saga hits this summer.

Telltale has consistently put out quality content over the years and has managed to secure an array of high-profile franchises ever since the success of their Walking Dead series. It will be very interesting to see if they have acquired any new properties this year at E3 or if we see a glimpse of The Walking Dead Season Three, as that is still one of their most popular franchises to date. Telltale’s Batman and The Walking Dead are their highest-profile acquisitions, so if both are shown at E3 in some manner, fans and media alike will be ecstatic.

Regardless, we are very excited about Batman and all the potential it holds. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long this summer until the first episode hits!


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