The developer, Telltale Games, is set to use a new engine for their upcoming releases. Previously, the company had been using the same one since its founding in 2004.

Unity is planned to be what the company will be using. Back in January, it was discovered that there were job listings hoping to find “Unity-experienced engineers.” The upcoming finale to their Walking Dead series of games will still be using the Telltale Tool. The Wolf Among Us: Season Two and Stranger Things are going to be the first to utilize Unity.

The Telltale Tool was what the company used for all of their hits including The Walking Dead, Back to the Future, and even the Sam & Max series. This in-house creation had received numerous improvements throughout the years, however, it has not been able to bode well on next-generation consoles.

Telltale Set to Use a New Engine

Recent releases such as Guardians of the Galaxy and their Batman series have been slammed for their bugginess. Games have suffered from graphical glitches, laggy gameplay, and occasional crashes. The new engine will hopefully fix these problems.

The Walking Dead The Final Season Tech Demo Leaked

Telltale’s next game will be the premiere of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. It will release on August 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. This will chronicle the final chapter in Clementine’s storyline.