The Super Nintendo Classic, which was incredibly difficult to find this past holiday season, has found its way back up on Amazon. Yes, that’s right: Amazon has restocked their supply of Nintendo’s hit retro system. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is arguably the best console of all time; it’s unfortunate that the system only comes with about 20 games because it simply doesn’t give the console justice with its extensive library of games. That being said, this is the perfect time to pick one up.

With Amazon restocking, many retailers are sure to follow suit. I actually bought my Super Nintendo Classic in February and my parents’ in November. There were times I would go to Target and they actually had a few sitting there for a couple days. For $90, the system is worth it, and it comes with the best the Super Nintendo had to offer, minus Chrono Trigger (which I’m still upset about) and Turtles in Time, which is probably a licensing issue. Other than that though, with A Link to the PastSuper Mario World, and Mario Kart, among others, this system which can fit in the palm of your hand has one of the best software lineups of any console currently on the market.

Act fast, as the system is sure to sell out in no time. Hopefully, as previously mentioned, other retailers do follow suit and the Super Nintendo Classic will be more widely available in the coming weeks and months.

EDIT: It appears the item is back-ordered until May 11, but that’s not much time to wait at all. It’s better to be safe and order it now rather than wait and see that they are all sold out.

Happy Hunting!

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