writer Kristin Baver revealed in her initial “D23 EXPO 2019: NEW STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER FOOTAGE AND MORE HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE WALT DISNEY STUDIOS PANEL” article that Dark Rey from The Rise of Skywalker was, in fact, a vision. This is a serious spoiler, confirming that Rey does turn evil, as the reel tried to lead us to believe. This is a shot of her original story, found by Reddit user  IDrinkUrMilkShake94.

Editor’s Note: We have reached out to Kristin Baver for to comment on her blog post. Thus far, she has not responded to our requests.

“…and of course the vision of a Rey with a reticulated red blade.”

-Kristin Baver

Now, Kristin Baver’s article reads quite differently.

“Following a striking montage of scenes clipped for the other saga films, the unmistakable voice of Mark Hamill could be heard over the new scenes. “We’ve passed on all we know. A thousand generations live in you now. But this is your fight.” The wise words were also part of the first trailer for the film, but the new footage, including a moment where Rey appears to toss a fully-ignited lightsaber, and of course the sight of Rey with a reticulated red blade, was nothing short of thrilling.”

Why the change Kristin? Do you know something that we don’t? As an Associate Editor for such a prominent publication, one would figure you’d be more careful, but perhaps the excitement got the better of you. Nonetheless, when you make such a prominent edit like that, you should have disclosed the mistake instead of doing a straight edit. That’s both unethical and unprofessional. She’s trying to hide her tracks, but the internet doesn’t forget.

This could mean a few things though. If it is a “vision”, it could be a vision Rey has, what “would have been” if she had grown up with the Skywalker family and her parents. The most plausible scenario is the villain of the film, Matt Smith, is able to take others’ forms, like The Son (hmmm) from the Mortis Trilogy.

Regardless, this may point to Dark Rey simply being a misnomer and an Associate Editor getting a little too excited.

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