The estimated length of The Rise of Skywalker score has been revealed by John Wiliams’ brother, and hints at the runtime of The Rise of Skwalker. The score itself will be approximately 135 minutes, which is two hours and 15 minutes. Note that this does not mean this is how long the official soundtrack will be; it’s merely how much music Williams is composing. There is also a possibility that they will re-use certain cues from previous movies which isn’t included in this total. Suffice to say though, it’s looking like The Rise of Skywalker will at least be two hours and 15 minutes long.

“Every theme you ever heard is going to be compiled in this last effort. Everyone – Leia, Yoda, Phantom, Darth, all of it is gonna be in there.”

This is very exciting. John Williams is the greatest composer of our time and he is going all-out in his final outing in the Star Wars Saga. This has been a 40-plus year marriage for Williams, and regardless the criticisms of the Sequel Trilogy (or Prequel Trilogy for that matter), his music has always been pristine. JJ Abrams has said on numerious ocassions that this film will tie together all three trilogies, so the fact that every previous theme will be in the film makes perfect sense.

Runtime of The Rise of Skywalker

While the runtime will likely be a little over 135 minutes, it will most likely not exceed two-and-a-half hours, as it has been rumored that the film may be as long as three hours long.

The Rise of Skywalker releases this December, and regardless of our feelings regarding The Last Jedi, we cannot wait for the final installment in the most monumental saga of our time!

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