Sony delighted fans at this year’s E3 by confirming production of a high-end version of its PlayStation 4 console, dubbed the “Neo.” The Neo will support 4K gameplay as well as pave the way for the upcoming PlayStation VR device. While Sony confirmed that this new PlayStation 4 would be sold alongside the already existing model, the Wall Street Journal reports that the company plans to also release a new, lower-priced PlayStation 4 Slim. Both the Neo and the updated version of the “standard model” are to be unveiled in September.

While no technical specs were offered in the report, the Wall Street Journal claims that the release of two new PlayStation 4 models reflects Sony’s desire “to attract hard-core fans and more casual fans to its videogame platform.” Macquarie Securities analyst Damian Thong has expressed his belief that the PlayStation 4 Slim would be “slimmer and less expensive than the current $350 device.”

The announcement of this new PlayStation 4 Slim may come at PlayStation Meeting press event in New York on September 7, where the company is also expected to officially reveal the Neo.

The PlayStation 4 Neo will serve as a high-end version of the already-existing PlayStation 4 model, boasting 4K compatibility, higher resolution, and enhanced graphical capabilities. All existing PlayStation 4 software will be compatible between the Neo and the current model.

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