Pokemon Sun and Moon players will be able to get one of six free Pikachus (each one wearing a variation of Ash’s hat throughout the years) that are being released due to the upcoming 20th anniversary film.

Starting September 19, Pokemon.com¬†will be adding a code every week that contains one of the six Pikachu. They’re all unique with their different hats and each one has a different moveset that correlates to the moves it used in the anime. Be warned, however, you can only unlock one of these Pikachu, so choose wisely…

  • September 19-25: Original hat
  • September 26-October 2: Hoenn hat (Ruby/Sapphire)
  • October 3-9: Sinnoh hat (Diamond/Pearl)
  • October 10-16: Unova hat (Black/White)
  • October 17-23: Kalos hat (X/Y)
  • October 24-30: Alola hat (Sun/Moon)

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