PlayerEssence is at it again and talks about numerous topics in his brand new video in his NewsEssence series.

PlayerEssence has a deep understanding of Nintendo Switch fans. They feel so entitled. They now feel because of the system’s success, fans feel as if every game should come to the system. Especially given the success of games like Skyrim and DOOM. Well, that’s not the way it works. Game development takes time. The Switch is so different than other systems and fans need to realize taking a game being developed for the Xbox One and putting it on Switch as well is very difficult. Developers will learn in time, but this is brand new hardware.

Bandai Namco was very surprised by the Switch’s success and is now developing more games for the Switch; they were caught off guard by the system’s success. Koei Tecmo is the only company who believed in the system. Maybe we can get Xenosaga? We will get caught off guard moving forward.

PlayerEssence also goes over the fact that the Nintendo Switch has sold one million units in France! Earlier today we posted the top games sold in France, which included eight Nintendo games out of 20 in their top 20 sales, with three in their top six. The Nintendo Switch is also outpacing the Wii and PlayStation 4 in sales, which is incredible. It’s breaking all kinds of records in the country.

There’s so much possibly coming this fiscal year for the Nintendo Switch to look forward to, and we’re bound to have surprises, as PlayerEssence point out.

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