Today, Nintendo released a story trailer for their much-anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Switch, which comes out this Friday, December 1. Fans of the series and Nintendo Switch fans can’t seem to get enough of this game and it hasn’t even come out yet. Not only is the art style gorgeous, but the world is breathtaking. The story centers around a boy named Rex, who is a driver, to save a blade, named Pyra. The full context of the story hasn’t been given yet but even in this trailer, there are some intense moments.

The original Xenoblade required a campaign to come to North America and still sold almost half a million copies in the States. This does not include sales from the 3DS version. As Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has inherited its plot-driven narrative from its predecessor, it is poised for success. It doesn’t hurt that the world is absolutely massive as well.

The trailer focuses on Rex as other characters remind him of his promise to protect Pyra. There is also something going on that is causing Pyra to lose her memory. We catch glimpses of other characters, including some antagonists, and the trailer ends with Pyra saying,

Stop stealing my memories!”

In a very dramatic scene where Rex seems powerless to help.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Story Trailer

Xeno fans and newcomers to the franchise alike are excited for the game, which releases in almost two days.

Onward with our journey to Elysium!

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