Nintendo is trying to shed their “kiddie” image and put more mature games on Switch, according to reports. They are already succeeding with that considering Doom and Wolfenstein II are coming to the system, but Nintendo is looking to push further. Rockstar Games is even bringing their classic LA Noire to the Switch, one of my personal favorites. Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, a game coming out for the Switch, allows players to massage young women. This wouldn’t fly in Western markets, but in Japan this is considered acceptable (EDIT: Koei Tecmo is in fact bringing this to western markets despite its risqué and lesbian themes; color me surprised!). iInti Creates Co. is bringing Gal*Gun 2 to the system early next year in all territories. The developer initially thought Nintendo wouldn’t be interested in such a game, but the company actually gave them positive feedback.

mature games on switch

Back in January, a Nintendo executive, Shinya Takahashi, told the Wall Street Journal that bringing more grown-up gamers to the Switch was one of their primary goals. Considering the lineup Nintendo has coming out, they have something for everyone; grownups, children and adolescents. It has yet to be seen whether or not this strategy will work, but if early sales numbers are any indication, the Switch may eventually eclipse the popularity of the PlayStation 4, as it’s outpacing its sales in Japan by 2 to 1.

Regardless of sales numbers, Nintendo has something truly special on their hands. The console has something for everyone and is so much fun. In the end, isn’t that what truly matters?

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