The Ninja Turtles Splatfest finals participants have been revealed! Donnie will be facing Raph in the finals. The Ninja Turtle Splatfest Finals will begin on Friday at 9pm and end on Saturday at 9pm. Who will reign supreme in this nostalgic Splatfest?

This Splatfest is actually genius. It brings something that’s nostalgic for older players and now re-invented for a younger generation. It’s also a tournament which is a lot of fun. For me, Donatello will always be my favorite Ninja Turtle. He’s intelligent and has a balanced mind. Mikey is fun, Raph is really moody, and Leo is super serious. With the Ninja Turtles Splatfest finals looming, what other Splatfest Tournaments could Splatoon 2 have?

Zelda would be an excellent idea. Who would reign as the best? Ocarina of Time or Breath of the Wild? Which Link is the best? Who is the best villain? There are so many interesting themes they could go with. Nintendo owns the finest IPs in the world. Why not do this more often? Mayo versus Ketchup is boring, but the Ninja Turtles Splatfest actually got me interested in Splatfests. I’d never cared to participate before.

Having themes like ZeldaMario, and Nintendo’s other IPs would get more people playing Splatoon 2, which is already a best-seller on the Nintendo Switch.

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