Out of the blue, Ubisoft has announced a new shooter coming from the studio who made Grow Home and Grow Up, Reflections, and it’s called Atomega. For those who are fans of Reflections’ work, you won’t have to wait long for Atomega — it’s coming out next week.

Atomega is an online FPS that, and when I saw it, it looked like an AAA version of Agar.io. You play as a robot trying to collect cubes in order to go from “the nimble Atom to the godlike Omega.” As you collect these cubes you’ll gain power with which you can use against your foes, turning into different forms to unleash destruction. The matches consist of eight players and last for ten minutes. You can see for yourself here:

Atomega comes out September 19 for $10 on PC. No word for if consoles will be receiving the game as of now.

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