New Pokemon Sun and Moon features have been revealed today. Pokemon Global Link is receiving new updates and the two upcoming games have been announced to be introducing an important new feature.

Pokemon Global Link is a website whose goal is to bring Pokemon players together from across the world. It provides services based on the newest Pokemon games and has just announced that it will be undergoing updates to be compatible with the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon. The website has also announced that it will be rolling out some new features as well. They will be introducing the ability for players to host their own competitions in two different styles with regulations that you set yourself. The two styles of competitions will be online and live. In online competitions you will be matched with strangers via the internet with a flexible amount of ways to decide who is eligible and who gets turned away. Live competitions will allow players to group up with their friends in real life and scan each others’ QR Codes in order to take place in a local competition.

In other news, one of Pokemon Sun and Moon features that has been revealed is how you train your Pokemon. This new feature is known as Hyper Training. Hyper Training will allow for a new way to increase the strength of your Pokemon by training their individual strengths while also leveling them up to 100. In order to progress your Pokemon in this new way you will need to find and bring bottle caps to a Mr Hyper. With these bottle caps you will be able to hyper train any Pokemon in the game.

These new Pokemon Sun and Moon features are a lot to look forward to. New ways to play with your friends and increase your strength allows for a level of progression and competition that hasn’t been done before.

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