Today, Blizzard dropped a surprise Overwatch update for fans almost totally out of the blue. This new update contains multiple never before seen cosmetic items such as skins, victory poses, and highlight intros, along with a fresh and interesting game mode called Lucioball. This update was completely based around the 2016 Olympics that will be starting in just a few days, so expect to see some athletic-skins, poses, and intros that you’ll be able to show off in Lucioball and more.

Lucioball is like a unique take on soccer that is almost comparable to Rocket League. It’s a 3 versus 3 game type and the goal is to push a giant soccer ball into your enemy’s goal. In order for this to work, a number of Lucio’s abilities have been altered for a more enjoyable experience. Lucio is unable to shoot, but he can melee and use his Soundwave (right click or left tigger). He also still has the ability to speed boost, but only on himself. His ultimate has been altered to where, when used, it will drag the soccer ball to his location, allowing for some incredible strategies. Also, very much like Rocket League, there are areas around the map where Lucio has the ability to jump higher than normal.

The Overwatch update is now live for all PC, Xbox One, PS4 users and will remain live until August 22.

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