Metroid Prime Federation Force has found vehement opposition from fans since its premiere at E3 2015. Perceived as an unneeded departure from a beloved series and an example of Nintendo’s obliviousness to what fans want, this upcoming 3DS game has had a hard time securing any confidence or goodwill. In an effort to beat the negativity and stir up excitement, Nintendo recently released a Metroid Prime Federation Force story trailer to mixed reception.

The Metroid Prime Federation Force story trailer offers a brief — perhaps too brief — introduction to the game’s setting and plot. Set during a war that is “far from over,” Federation Force tasks a team of federation with defending the galaxy from Space Pirates and other interstellar threats. You can view the story trailer below.

Reminiscent of Metroid Prime Hunters, this adventure seems to take our heroes on a series of missions across multiple planets and cosmic locales, including space stations, ruins, and ice worlds. For a story trailer, it does seem a bit light on story details, but at least we get a chance to some action and even a glimpse of the series’ namesake Metroids.

The story trailer may provide a look at action set pieces and gameplay in Federation Force, but it seems to have kicked off an even bigger war amongst the fanbase. At the time of writing, the trailer carries 60 percent downvotes on YouTube (2,263 thumbs down to 1,344 thumbs up), demonstrating the harsh negative reception toward the game amongst Metroid and Nintendo fans. This response comes after Federation Force‘s debut trailer has received nearly 90 percent downvotes.

Many commenters have even re-contextualized the trailer’s talk of war and lack of peace to describe the perceived conflicts between fans and Nintendo, as Federation Force is seen as oppositional to what fans actually want from a Metroid title. As far as such fans are concerned, this 3DS title is a declaration of war by Nintendo.

We can’t be sure of the Federation Force‘s quality until release, but the story trailer has had its troubles winning over many fans. Metroid Prime Federation Force, which will include Metroid Prime: Blast Ball, is set for release on August 19 for the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles.

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