The development of Mass Effect Andromeda is hitting all cylinders, according to creative director at Bioware Mac Walters in a Twitter post. Mac Walters was responsible for writing Mass Effect 2 and 3, and is now the creative director of the series’ latest installment.

His position is a bit worrisome, considering the intense backlash against Mass Effect 3, which he was lead writer on. With the mass exodus of senior members of the Bioware development team, including three writers, things could have easily been thrown into disarray, yet Walters claims that Mass Effect Andromeda is hitting all cylinders at this point in development. While the game comes out in the first quarter of 2017, it is somewhat worrisome that we’ve seen next to nothing of the game. It has been shrouded in secrecy, which a lot of games are, but this close to release, you would think that a little bit more about the game would be revealed. Walters insists that Mass Effect Andromeda is hitting all cylinders and such amazing work is being done, which is surely the case (after all, Mass Effect 3 was still a very good game), but Andromeda could end up suffering due to the loss of so many senior staff members, including Casey Hudson, who is all but responsible for the creation of the Mass Effect series.

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