Kathleen Kennedy, or rather ‘Darth’ Kennedy, has been a disaster since she took over Lucasfilm from George Lucas. While Lucas wasn’t perfect, and the prequels left the community divided, George had a vision. While it lacked exquisite execution at times, the story was masterful. The visuals were breathtaking. The music was mind-blowing. George stuck to his vision regardless of what people thought, and the end result was the best saga in the history of cinema: Star Wars.

Kathleen Kennedy Betrayed Star Wars

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Kathleen Kennedy has destroyed all of that. She threw out George’s treatments for the Sequel Trilogy. The only reason the original actors signed on was because George convinced them to return. Harrison Ford convinced Mark Hamill to come back, yet they didn’t have a single scene together. Hamill has even said the trilogy was supposed to end with his death and he was to train his sister, Leia, in the ways of the Force. Hamill has since stated he has no desire to return to the franchise, which leaves a huge gap for Episode IX.

There’s no reason to see the movie except to watch how the trilogy concludes. Lucas is a masterful storyteller. He was betrayed and showed no respect. He handed over Lucasfilm to Kathleen Kennedy and she is destroying the Star Wars brand, bit by bit. Yes, Lucas is a sub-par director, but if a top-notch director took his story and wrote a script, it would be another masterpiece like The Empire Strikes Back. Instead, we got the atrocious The Last Jedi.

Behind the Scenes Drama

Kathleen Kennedy Killed Luke Skywalker

There’s no secret that the new Star Wars films have been filled with drama and production problems. Solo: A Star Wars Story changed directors during filming. Rogue One was thoroughly re-edited during post-production. The Force Awakens was mired by script problems and Lawrence Kasdan had to come on last minute to assist JJ Abrams with the script. Colin Trevorrow was fired from Episode IX presumably because he wanted changes to The Last Jedi, specifically Luke surviving. Mark Hamill even said that he was on the same page with Trevorrow, unlike with Rian Johnson. He also wanted Snoke to live.

I had discussions with Colin. I was very excited because we were on the same page in terms of where we wanted to go and how we wanted to see Luke in a way that we never seen him. Even in this current version. But I don’t know what went on. I don’t want to know because there is no upside to that story. I like all those people. I like Kathy, and I like Lawrence Kasdan and all the people involved in that decision, but sometimes ignorance is bliss. And they don’t tell me anything.

Being mired with all of this drama behind the scenes, it’s obvious that Kathleen Kennedy does not know what she is doing. This isn’t all though. She obviously doesn’t understand Star Wars and her statements about Luke Skywalker proves she’s trying to push her own personal agenda, potentially ruining the series forever.

Darth Kennedy Disrespected Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is an icon. He is a Legend. Mark Hamill was completely disrespected as an actor by being reduced to a cameo in The Force Awakens. While he had a good character arc in The Last Jedi, he actually wasn’t in the film all that much. He disappeared for 40 minutes. Then he dies alone for no reason whatsoever.

Actually, he did die for a reason. The writers and producers believed he overshadowed everything and they didn’t know how to use him. They believe that was a reflection on Luke. No. It was a reflection on the writers and producers because they didn’t know how to use the most iconic character in cinema history. They didn’t understand his character. Luke represented hope and always looked for the best in people. Instead, they almost turned him into a murderer and a symbol of the dogmatic Jedi order that he preaches against during Rey’s teachings.

Kathleen Kennedy Killed Luke Skywalker

The problem is, Luke Skywalker is Star Wars. His heroic journey defined an entire generation and inspired millions. To treat such a character, and such a great actor such as Mark Hamill with such disrespect is disgusting. Luke’s arc would have been fine in the film if everything transpired as it did and he didn’t die. His confrontation with Ben was perfect and proved to be the ultimate Jedi. Luke didn’t draw his saber first. He didn’t fight back. The Last Jedi merely dodged Ben’s attacks. It’s such a wonderful juxtaposition with the Jedi of the Prequel Trilogy, who Luke recognizes as being deeply flawed.

The most pathetic aspect of all of this is that Luke died because Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams, and Rian Johnson wanted to make way for the new characters. They didn’t want them to be overshadowed. This isn’t what Mark Hamill signed up for.  It’s ridiculous. Rey is a fantastic character, but Luke Skywalker defines Star Wars. It won’t be the same without him.

Colin Trevorrow should have directed The Last Jedi.

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