Kathleen Kennedy is on borrowed time. According to Grace Randolph of Beyond the Trailer, Bob Iger is actively trying to fire her. According to her sources, he’s offered the job to JJ Abrams who promptly turned it down. No one will touch the job. Kathleen Kennedy has created an environment so toxic it’s bred an air of hostility. According to Randolph, Iger recently had a conference call with various Disney executives to discuss the situation.

That’s how dire the circumstances are. Others listened were on the call only to listen in. After the flop of Solo, Disney is losing money on their largest investment. They bought Star Wars for $4 billion. While The Force Awakens did very well in the box office, in retrospect, it was merely A New Hope 2.0. That’s not where the problem lies though.

The Last Jedi has divided the fandom to the point where Lucasfilm employees are actively alienating the Star Wars fanbase on Twitter on a near-daily basis. This is unacceptable. The schism in the fanbase with regards to The Last Jedi is not rooted in racism or sexism; it’s the fact that it’s not a good film. It took the foundation of The Force Awakens, both plot and character development, and threw it all away. Its pacing was non-existent. The characters were unlikeable. It destroyed the character of Luke Skywalker. Reading between the lines, Mark Hamill was not happy with the film. Most importantly, it disrespected everything that came before it: the Prequels, the Original Trilogy, and The Force Awakens.

Anyone who criticizes the new films are instantly labeled as white-racist basement dwellers, but in fact, there are people of all races, genders, and creeds who have issues with the new films. By playing the bigot card, Lucasfilm is marginalizing any criticism, disrespecting minorities who have legitimate gripes with Kathleen Kennedy’s disasterous handling of the franchise. This type of behavior is a result of the culture Kathleen Kennedy has created at Lucasfilm. It’s unacceptable. Do you see this happening at Marvel or any other renowned studio? No. The lack of professionalism is astounding and quite frankly disgusting.

Kathleen Kennedy is Destroying Star Wars

There’s also the fact that the production of both Star Wars anthology films has been disastrous. Both Solo and Rogue One required massive reshoots. While Rogue One managed to be successful, Solo completely flopped. Future films are now being put on hold because of its failure, both commercially and from a production standpoint. Extensive reshoots are estimated to have doubled the budget of Solo. Coupled with the very low box office numbers and a lack of merchandise sales for the series, Disney isn’t getting the return they expected with their $4 billion investment in Star Wars.

All of these problems start at the top. The culture of Lucasfilm has to change and it’s a shame Lucas didn’t get to see his idea (which was not about midichlorians, but the Whills, who represent a mystical side of the Force) for the Sequel Trilogy come to fruition. It would be great to see his prodigy, Dave Filoni, take over Lucasfilm. According to Grace Randolph though, Disney is hesitant, because Filoni has never run a major studio before. He is perfectly suited for the creative side of the job though.

ranking the star wars films

Contrary to popular belief, there were no organized boycotts of Solo; fans just didn’t care to see it after the disastrous Last Jedi. If these same fans hold out and don’t see Episode IX, especially considering there’s no more Luke, Leia, or Han to give them an incentive to see the film, it will flop and Kathleen Kennedy will be packing up her things in short order. It’s just so sad that things have gotten to this point.

It’s sickening what Star Wars has become. Something that’s supposed to be fun and for everyone has become plagued by the cancer that is identity politics.

If Grace Randolph is to be believed though, Kathleen Kennedy’s departure from Lucasfilm is all but inevitable.

Good riddance. It can’t happen soon enough.

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