Earlier this year, Pokémon Go players suspected that the third generation of Pokémon would be coming to Pokémon Go before the end of 2017. Earlier today, Niantic released a new trailer for Pokémon Go, revealing that Hoenn Pokémon would soon be coming to the mobile game alongside dynamic-weather gameplay. Even though the trailer released earlier today, Japanese players have been posting some of their recent catches and changes to the game to show the rest of the world what is coming. The new Pokémon Go trailer features Salamence, Shiftry, Aggron, Ludicolo, and Legendary Pokémon Groudon.

With the release of the Hoenn trailer, Niantic had this to say about its next major update:

Starting later this week, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, and several more Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region in the Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire video games will start appearing in Pokémon GO for the first time ever — with even more to be discovered over the next several weeks! We’ll also be introducing a new dynamic weather system in Pokémon GO that will change the way you and the millions of Trainers around the world discover, catch, and interact with Pokémon.

Although the Hoenn generation has been announced for Pokémon Go, only a few Pokémon have been revealed to be coming in the upcoming update. Trainers will be able to catch/evolve Cascoon, Silcoon, Wumple, Ralts, Kirlia, Gardavoir, Slakoth, Mawhile, Skitty, Teecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Zangoose, Zizagone, Serviper, Plusle, Minum, Gulpin, Swallot, Dustox, Poochyenna, Mightyenna, Swablu, Wailord, Feebas, and Beautifly at the very least.

Alongside the release of Generation 3 Hoenn Pokémon, trainers will soon experience new dynamic weather features that will increase the rate at which Pokémon spawn depending on the weather. Pokémon’s habits and combat power are also rumored to change which will grant players more stardust for the more difficult catches.

As a reminder, Pokémon Go trainers have until December 14 to catch Ho-Oh before the Legendary bird becomes an invite-only event.

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