There is a peculiar new listing by developer Grezzo, who brought both Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora’s Mask 3D to the Nintendo 3DS. They are recruiting developers who are well versed in high-definition games, Unreal and Unity. They are looking for developers to create a “Legend” game. Could this be the Legend of Zelda HD collection we at VGCultureHQ have been hoping for on the Nintendo Switch? Considering Wind Waker and Twilight Princess have already been done for the Wii U, could Majora’s MaskOcarina of Time, and more importantly, Skyward Sword be receiving a high-definition treatment from Grezzo?

Grezzo Hiring to Bring HD Zelda Games to Switch

In 2014, Grezzo had a similar listing. Many scoffed at the idea that it was for Majora’s Mask 3D. It was for an opportunity to create a “Legend.” This ended up being a listing for Majora’s Mask 3D. If anyone were to make an HD collection for Zelda for the Switch, Grezzo would be the developer to do it. They have the most experience with the franchise and have worked so closely with Nintendo, re-creating two of the greatest games of all time, not to mention two of the best Zelda games ever made.

Grezzo Hiring to Bring HD Zelda Games to Switch

Many scoffed when I said that there needs to be an HD Zelda collection. “Nintendo’s been there, done that.” Maybe our favorite company was listening to me after all (not to sound cocky!) Riding off the success of Breath of the Wild, even just one HD Zelda game, like Skyward Sword, would be good enough for me. Nintendo is smart. They want to build on the success of Breath of the Wild. With Grezzo’s track record regarding hiring listings surrounding creating “Legends”, there is a good chance that this project is Zelda-related.

Grezzo Hiring to Bring HD Zelda Games to Switch

Personally, if it’s one game, I really hope that it’s Skyward Sword HD. That game deserves it more than any other and has the best narrative in the entire series. With a few tweaks here and there, Grezzo could transform it into a masterpiece.

Grezzo Hiring to Bring HD Zelda Games to Switch

Best scene in the Zelda series.

What game would you like to see as a Zelda HD remake? Do you think that Grezzo is in fact working on Zelda, as is so heavily hinted at? A Zelda HD anthology collection would be so fantastic, especially considering Breath of the Wild’s success. It could introduce a brand new generation to classic Zelda, as we have previously talked about on this site. There is nothing but upside to this.

Here’s to hoping for Skyward Sword in high definition!

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5 Responses

  1. Exare

    A Skyward Sword HD remake would be amazing. I played through it on my Wii U 3 years ago and it was easily the most emotional and well told Zelda story. I tell people all the time that it is the best and worst Zelda game I have played. Best because of the narrative, the world, and the visual art style. Worst because of glitchy waggle controls and the tedious, terrible, kill-me-now flying on the bird.

    If they were to re-make it for Switch (it needs to be done!) I hope the new motion controls are much, much more precise or they give you an option to play without them.

    Hell, I’m still waiting for a version of Metroid Prime 3 I can play without pretending like I’m hammering nails while battling window glare. It’s still the only Metroid Prime I haven’t finished, but I won’t hold my breath for that one.

    • Morgan

      Skyward Sword had all the makings of the greatest Zelda game of all time and fell just short. I think if they were able to add larger islands, make the sky less barren, and connect the overworld, it would be behind BoTW and OoT for me. And its story is already my favorite.

      • Exare

        I agree. The story and the way it was told is second to none else in the history of Zelda. I would replay it 100x if they remade it for Switch with normal controls, and of course added a bit more to that massively empty sky. For being so big it sure felt like it was full of nothing out there. You’re spot on about that!

  2. Rocky Rochford

    hello clickbait article, If there was any truth to this, Tantalus would
    be handling a Skyward Sword HD release not Grezzo. Why? Because
    Tantalus did Twilight Princess HD, they have Switch dev kits and they’re
    more experience to handle it. Grezzo on the other hand are more likely
    to do more Zelda games for 3DS, as they favour 3DS because of more
    consumers. It’s why Ever Oasis is on 3DS, not Switch. Also when they did
    the listing back in 2014, while MM3D did release in 2015, so did
    TriForce Heroes, the Zelda game of their own making. Also the listing
    this time says Legend 2, implying a sequel. So it’s more likely to be a A
    Link Between Worlds or TriForce Heroes sequel, or even Ever Oasis than a
    simple remaster. As for the HD thing, OoT3D and MM3D are essentially HD
    games themselves but for a 3DS, so it’s just as likely that this game
    could be like them on 3DS, or a more policed version of ALBW & TFH.
    Think of it as like being Ultra Sun and Moon, but Zelda.

    • Morgan

      If it were clickbait, 1) it would not be labeled as a rumor.

      It takes two separate stories that I actually was the first to put together and presented a possibility. You don’t even know what clickbait is if you’re saying this. It presents facts and then some speculation by myself. I know who worked on TP and WWHD. It’s looking for someone who’s worked with Unreal and Unity, and HD games. That jives with a possible HD Zelda game.

      Clickbait? Never stated as fact but a possibility and matches a previous listing by them about MM with regards to wording. The 3DS is like dying and being replaced. There will be no more Zelda games for the 3DS, especially with Zelda’s success on the Switch. This is, again, Nintendo’s opportunity to be able to introduce Zelda to a new generation after people played Zelda and BOTW for the first time. With what Grezzo’s working on and their experience they are perfect for it.

      OoT and MM didn’t utilize Unreal, which is advertised, and no, OoT 3D and MM 3D are not essentially HD. To bring those games to the switch and upscale the resolution would be much harder than you realize.

      Learn what clickbait is before you start throwing the word around and actually read the article next time please.


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