Every gamer can find something to treasure in this gamer swag bag giveaway. We have everything from upcoming hits to former successes in our latest giveaway. Take a look at the picture below for a glimpse at all of the goodies we are offering in our gamer swag bag giveaway.

You’re probably asking yourself, “VG Culture Hq, how do I win all of that cool stuff?” Well, it’s as simple as heading on over to our Facebook page and pressing that ‘Like’ button. Looking for an extra entry? Then leave a comment in the comment box below. If you let us know which item in this giveaway looks the most exciting in the comment section of our website then we might be flattered enough to choose you as our winner as well. So, it’s as simple as showing us a little love. We are looking forward to returning the favor by awarding one of you with this compete Swag bag.

Gamer Swag Bag Giveaway – What’s Included

Gamer Swag Bag Giveaway

There are a lot of cool trinkets in our gamer swag bag giveaway. Take a peek at the list below to learn what you can win from us.

  • A UbiWork Shop drawstring backpack
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle sticker set
  • The Last Guardian large T-shirt
  • WatchDogs 2 three-button collectors set
  • 2 packs of Elder Scrolls collectors cards
  • Comic Con exclusive The Walking Dead 2017 lanyard
  • Assassins Creed Syndicate Evie Frye Pop vinyl collectible
  • 2 Sea of Thieves tattoo sleeves
  • A set of four Sea of Thieves collectors buttons

That’s a lot of good stuff for a gamer like you to show off. And do you want to know the best part? We aren’t the only ones giving away a gamer swag bag like this. Our friends over at GamersBliss.com are also offering a similar giveaway as we speak. While our bags are similar, each of our sites have some different items our bags. If you like what you see here with us then you might want to check their giveaway out as well. You can see it by clicking here.

This giveaway ends on November 10 2017. Also, don’t miss your chance to take part in both gamer swag bag giveaways. We love celebrating you, our readers, so please enjoy this swag that we’ve collected from events like E3, Comic Con, GameStop Expo, and more. Due to all of your support we plan on bringing even more giveaways to you in the future.

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