As we like to focus on video game culture here at VGCultureHQ, we’re introducing a brand new series: Fanart Sunday. Each Sunday, we’re going to spotlight artists, both known and unknown, their fanart, and their drive for excellence.

Today we are featuring Deviant artist GLV-DA. His piece, simply called “Xenoblade 2“, is a stunning interpretation of the world of the latest installment in the Xenoblade series. He actually created this in January 2017, which makes it even more incredible, but it was simply too good not to feature.

Fanart Sunday - Celebrating Xenoblade Chronicle 2's Release

Rex is encountering a monolith in the sky. What is even more impressive in the piece is looking at the clouds. The painting is impeccable. The giant is towering but not too imposing. Rex looks ready to the beast on no matter the costs, and the green highlights on his sword and armor look great.

This is one of the best Xenoblade Chronicles 2 fan pieces I have seen. Hopefully, the artist continues working on the series. Thank you for the fantastic work GLV-DA!

You can also check out more of his work here. There are plenty of Xenoblade-related fan works, as well as pieces inspired by Zelda and Chrono Trigger. Definitely be sure to take a look!

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