This week in our brand new series “Fanart Sunday“, we’re going to feature an artist most of you are probably familiar with. We featured three of EternaLegend’s pieces previously with her most prominent one being her piece of Princess Zelda in Breath of the Wild. This week, to celebrate Breath of the Wild’s triumphant domination of The Game Awards, we are you presenting you with another piece by EternaLegend. It is called Breath of the Wild: Companion, and it features Link in the snow battling off the cold, accompanied by his faithful wolf companion, who is actually Link himself from Twilight Princess.

Breath of the Wild Companion by EternaLegend

The art, to put it simply, is magnificent. The attention to detail, ranging from Hyrule in the background, Link’s outfit and Sheikah Slate, and even Wolf Link’s chain and mark on his forehead is impeccable. The fire burns brightly from Link’s torch, keeping him warm but also warding off enemies.

I love how the fire trails in the background as Link is apparently swinging it. Breath of the Wild has such a varied Hyrule (moreso than we’ve ever seen), with deserts, mountains, snow, forests, and plains, and all of this is visible in the background of this incomparable piece of art. It really is quite lovely.

EternaLegend created this exclusively to record her process so people could watch how she creates exquisite pieces of art such as this piece.

It seemed only fitting to feature not only such a pristine artist this week, but also celebrate Zelda, as it is 2017’s Game of the Year.

As always, you can check out EternaLegend on Twitter, Deviant Art, Instagram, YouTube, TumblrArt Station, and Facebook to find out about all of her projects.

I suspect she has some incredible things coming up in the near future!

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