An expansion pass is coming to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, per this morning’s Nintendo Direct. The expansion pass will include:

  • Support Items For Your Journey, starting December 2017
  • New Quests for the Main Game, Starting January 2018
  • A brand new Rare Blade, Coming Spring 2018
  • A New Challenge Battle Mode, Coming Summer 2018
  • A Brand-New Story and Adventure, Autumn 2018

Expansion Pass Being Released for Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Like what they are doing with Zelda, though on a broader scale, Nintendo is giving Xenoblade Chronicles 2 long-term support and longevity to keep the game fresh. I only wish Xenoblade Chronicles X had this kind of support! A price for the pass was not given, although Nintendo has been pretty cost effective with their DLC (case-in-point, Breath of the Wild). Hopefully, it doesn’t run for more than $30, although there is so much packed into this season pass. If the game ends like Xenoblade Chronicles X and doesn’t have a proper continuation I may just throw a fit! But I have faith in Takahashi-san and it seems that this project has been in development for quite some time, and it really shows.

Fans who purchase the pass will begin to reap the benefits of it right away, so if you’re a huge Xenoblade fan, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up!

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