Legendary Entertainment, the studio behind the Hunger Games and Warcraft films, is setting their eyes on a Pokemon film in the near future. Legendary has recently settled on a deal with The Pokemon Company to create what looks to be a live-action film based around Detective Pikachu. Variety reported that Legendary would be keeping most details under wraps, but mentioned that filming would begin in 2017. While no one has reported the film is or isn’t tied to the game Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo, it’s safe to assume it will have no ties or it will be a movie re-creation of the game so a wider audience will be able to enjoy the film to its full potential.

Normally if someone heard there would be a film about Pokemon starring a Pokemon, they’d think that’s insane, but Detective Pikachu is no normal Pokemon. Most Pokemon repeat their full name or parts of their full name to communicate, but Detective Pikachu is able to speak fluent human languages, so people will be able to understand this Pokemon when he talks. This Pikachu is also a detective, what’s more awesome than that? You’re right, nothing.

Hopefully, Legendary will be able to pull off making this a good videogame movie. No one wants another Super Mario Bros. incident.

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