This may seem more like a blog post, but at this point, who cares? We are taking it hard to Kathleen Kennedy as she has all but destroyed George Lucas‘ legacy. She brought this on herself by pushing her agenda, no matter what that may be. Please note: this is NOT about politics or social issues. I do not care about either in this case. I do care about the fact that Kennedy is abusing her power to push her own political and social agenda in Star Wars after promising to uphold what George Lucas so carefully crafted. She has crapped all over his legacy. It does NOT matter what side of the political or social spectrum she is coming from. I would speak out if this were coming from the other side as well. This is inexcusable and despicable.

ranking the star wars films

The couple I speak of actually found it hilarious I referred to my Star Wars Saga Blu-Ray set as the “pre-Disney” collection, which is the definitive box set of the films. Any “saga” set from Disney is illegitimate. What gives me hope is that this couple was Asian, so you cannot play the race card. I have no problem with minorities in Star Wars, and I love Reybut I do not like poorly crafted narratives, non-existant pacing, tonal inconsistency, and horribly written characters. This Asian couple told me Rose was a horribly written character. We both actually felt horrible for Marie Tran, as she’s a very talented actress, but her role in The Last Jedi made no sense.

ranking the star wars films

They hated the film, thoroughly. The wife actually told me she relates more to Luke Skywalker than Princess Leia, but just could not relate to Luke anymore because Kennedy, Lucasfilm, and Rian Johnson destroyed his character. This isn’t surprising to me but may give The Last Jedi fans a bit of a pause. A minority hated The Last Jedi, did not like Rose, and identified with Luke throughout the Original Trilogy; not Leia. Oh, and by the way, this fan is female, Asian, and about 40-years-old.

This destroys Lucasfilm’s narrative that those who have a disdain for The Last Jedi are misogynistic white males who are racist, bigoted sexists. It’s simply not true. Jeremy’s team from Geeks + Gamers proves this too.

Kathleen Kennedy Killed Luke Skywalker

I love Star Wars. It changed my life and got me through the darkest of times. To see it destroyed by those with a clear agenda tears me apart inside. Hopefully, with the emergence of the newest iteration of The Clone Wars, Bob Iger and Disney are listening to fans and realizing what a mistake Kathleen Kennedy and her ilk are. Fire the entire story group and put Dave Filoni in charge of everything.

Do that, Star Wars will be fixed.

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