Bethesda has confirmed on their official forum that they are working on a PS4 Pro patch for The Evil Within 2. When the game was announced earlier in the year, Bethesda said it would support the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, when you look on the PS4 boxart, there is no mention of any PS4 Pro support, which is odd. Even PlayStation’s product support page lists PS4 Pro support. Digital Foundry’s analysis though showed that the game did not support the PS4 Pro though.

It’s odd that the game would release with supporting Sony’s enhanced console. Maybe they just ran out of time? Development cycles run on tight deadlines, and finishing the game and making it of the best quality has a higher priority than enhancing a game to run in 4k, among perks the PS4 Pro offers. Bethesda probably planned this from the beginning and had a patch in the works before the issue was brought to their attention.


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