Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake may finally be receiving new content through the recently released, ControlThe company revealed its upcoming DLC plans with its final one being marked as “AWE.” In addition, the photo used to show this appears incredibly similar to the artwork found from the 2010 game. Here, I’ll be diving into what this can mean for the game and just what this DLC may entail. Thanks to numerous in-game easter eggs found within Control, this can be possible.

There are no spoilers for Control that will be mentioned, so feel free to read on if you haven’t completed the game.

Background to Control

Ever since Alan Wake launched back in 2010, the game has often been overlooked by many. Releasing the same day as Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption, it was difficult to find its footing. The story is incredibly detailed and plays out like a television show but is as narratively deep as a novel. Although the game received two pieces of DLC and a spin-off Xbox Live Arcade Game, titled Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, the story has been left on a cliff hanger. This surreal tale truly kicked off Remedy’s magic but remained a cult classic in the gaming world. A canceled sequel and a low-selling new IP lead the company to go multiplatform and in a new direction with its latest entry.

Control seeks out to fix many of the errors found in previous releases from the company. This includes a deep title that can be enjoyed after the story’s conclusion, fun and addicting gameplay, and no gimmicks. These made it a bit more curious to see which direction the game would go in. Instead of making something different, the company has opted for something that ties everything together. What I mean by this is that the game appears to be a central starting point for a Remedy-like gaming universe.

Alan Wake in Quantum Break

For those that have played Quantum Breakyou may remember that at the start of that game, the main character navigates through a university. While walking through to get to the next section, you stumble into a collegiate literary class that is analyzing none other than Alan Wake. A professor has scribbled the chalkboard with loads of literary analysis of both games featuring Wake, including the XBLA game. It begs the question of how connected are these entries? On the one hand, it can be that the characters of Quantum Break see this as a video game and some are bigger fans than others. This can be attributed to an NPC playing Alan Wake on their PC. Another theory could be that this game may take place in the same universe, treating the character as a real author and his disappearance leading to the creation of popular media.

The latter may make more sense as this brings us to Control. This surrealistic game has many of the same themes and surrealistic beats that Alan Wake contained. Except, it takes it a step further in that the game is centered around the Federal Bureau of Control. A bureau whose sole purpose is to investigate otherworldly items, events, and people. The main character, Jesse Faden, possesses supernatural powers that place her within this agency’s radar, thus triggering the events of the game. Throughout the game, there are plenty of collectibles and radio logs that detail just how involved the bureau is with these events and how they’ve been noted. This is where the acclaimed author comes into play.

Alan Wake in Control

There are numerous easter eggs regarding Wake and Bright Falls, the location of the game. One note, in particular, raises an immense amount of curiosity and suspicion into how these two entries are linked together. It states the following:

Bright Falls (AWE-35)


An unconfirmed Threshold manifestation at Cauldron Lake, WA resulted in a fictional story written by the author Alan Wake creating an AWE in which reality was altered to match that of the story, though only locally and for a limited time.


Mr. Kirklund, Head of Investigations, was alerted on Sept. 13, 2010 by ex-Bureau agent Frank Breaker (see [REDACTED]) that an AWE event was taking place in Bright Falls, WA (refer to events investigated in 1970, 1976, 1978). Breaker had received a call fro Barry Wheeler (Alan Wake’s literary agent) on behalf of Breaker’s daughter, Sarah, who is the current sheriff of Bright Falls.

A Bureau field team arrived at the site two days later, only to confirm that the event was over. Interviews were conducted (refer to the 1970 [REDACTED] Thomas Zane; 1976, 1978 Odin Anderson, Tor Anderson). Alan Wake was believed to [REDACTED] instigator. Eyewitness reports highlight an old light switch (possible Object of Power) that [REDACTED] missing. Wake was not found at the scene. Reports claim he dived into the lake, but no body was recovered in the search.”

Alan Wake Control

Dissecting the Easter Eggs

This has a lot of information to take in but we’ll dissect it. First, the note explains that this event is one that the Bureau is well-aware of an have actually investigated. An Object of Power is noted and the conclusion of the event is noted. Familiar characters such as Barry Wheeler and Thomas Zane pop up but its Zane who has information redacted. Something about this character, who was incredibly vital in Wake’s story, is mentioned by the FBC. What happened with Zane that the Bureau had to investigate and just how out of hand could it have gotten? It must also be noted that there were numerous eyewitnesses. People saw Alan Wake dive into the lake and also noticed that an old light switch was seemingly at the center of this.

The document helps to show that the entirety of this game took place several years before the events of Control and is well-documented. On the subject of a body going missing from the lake, we have to remember that Wake fell into the lake and entered into the Dark Place where the character is trying to write himself out of. Here’s where things start to get a bit crazier. Another note has the FBC confirming that Alan Wake actually ended up saving his wife, Alice and that there has been a monitoring station placed in Bright Falls thus linking the two games together. On top of that, the notice goes on to say that he could eventually become a possible Director of the FBC.

What This Could Mean

Now, let’s get to how this all can tie into the eventual AWE DLC. AWE stands for Altered World Events in that a supernatural force has invaded our reality and is causing negative effects which then prompts the FBC to “control” it. There are three theories that come out of this:

The first is that Jesse Faden may attempt to enter into Bright Falls and rescue Wake from the Dark Place. Since the FBC is stationed there and is already aware of it, there is a possibility that the titular character can lend a helping hand to the acclaimed author. This has the chance to wrap up the Alan Wake storyline and also explore new themes and story beats.

The second takes place from another agent’s point-of-view. Another character related to the FBC (agent, director, etc) may be tasked with investigating this event and witnessing many of the changes it caused in the area. This can also lead to new problems in Bright Falls that have to be subdued in order to control the area. Its finale could lead to some sort of door opening between realities that may help lead into a sequel.

The third has players take control of Alan Wake as he’s trapped in the Dark Place. Players can look for a way out while also trying to figure out what’s fiction and what’s reality. The DLC can play out similarly to American Nightmare except much shorter. This allows for more exploration with the character and can also build into a sequel for the franchise while contrarily it can end the storyline.

Alan Wake

There’s so much that can be unpacked from the numerous amounts of easter eggs included in Control. Only two specific documents were mentioned from the game but there are many more which add to the connection and ties between the releases. Remedy may possibly be creating their own cinematic universe of sorts which can tie their three major IPs together. Time will tell just how detailed the AWE expansion is come Mid 2020 but for now, we can at least have fun theorizing and picking apart the two games.

The season pass is available for $24.99 with both of the upcoming expansions set to launch for $14.99. It also includes a special side mission that can be played immediately.

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