About Us

VG Culture HQ was founded in April of 2016 by Morgan Lewis in order to create a new kind of gaming journalism. We’re not limited by only video games, but expand into the rich culture that encompasses it. These mediums all coincide, yet there are so few places where they are celebrated together. This is the mission of VG Culture HQ: to bring together these different mediums that affect the video game industry and look at how they interact and inspire each other, becoming the ultimate authority on Video Game Culture.

We do this by putting out high-quality original content in order to set ourselves apart from other outlets. We strive for nothing but the best. We were originally inspired by former gaming magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly and their affiliate the 1up Network, which I grew up with, and their former podcast, 1up Yours. We will always be honest with you, our readers.

At heart, we are all gamers. We aim to inform you, our readers, on the latest happenings in the gaming industry and the way it intersects with Anime, Film, and Television.

Our motto is sweet and simple: Plugged-In. We plug you into the latest going-ons in everything that encompasses video game culture.